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East Midlands
1000x610 Our Business Milton Keynes, East Midlands CC
Since April 2014, Ringway teams have been delivering term services for Milton Keynes – a contract that could see the company supporting the Council’s vision for a safe and efficient network until 2024.


The ‘New City’ is a unique proposition, with over 300km of dedicated redways to be maintained alongside the famous grid road system totalling 1,170km of carriageways - as well as 1,800km of footways, 56,000 street lighting columns, 4,500 illuminated signs and electrical units, 791 bridges and 115 other structures. Ringway is responsible for all reactive, routine and cyclical maintenance – as well as street lighting, inspections, winter operations and management of the entire fleet from a dedicated workshop.


With a population growth rate more than double that of the UK average and plans for further expansion over the next 20 years, Milton Keynes depends on a resilient transport network to function and grow in a sustainable way. The work of Ringway teams keeps this network maintained and the City moving whilst offering efficiency, accountability and value. Throughout its tenure, Ringway will also draw upon the experience of its partners to provide advice to the Council on capital projects after the announcement of an ambitious £50 million investment programme for the borough’s highways.


Please visit Milton Keynes County Council for more information.