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1000x610 Our Business - Worcestershire CC

The County is served by some key strategic motorways and trunk roads, and as a result, the transport infrastructure plays a vital role in helping residents and others get from A to B. The performance of the transport network influences the Worcestershire economy, environment and the quality of life and, since 2005, Ringway has been maintaining and improving this important asset.


The scope of work our teams undertake in Worcestershire ranges from routine cyclic and reactive highway maintenance, gully cleaning, grass cutting and weed control, emergency response, winter maintenance, surfacing, surface dressing, patching, road marking and studs, signs, vehicle safety fencing, traffic management, bridgeworks, fleet maintenance and recycling of carriageway arisings.

Our teams are committed to delivering a high quality highway service day in day out in partnership with the Council and local communities.


Please visit Worcestershire County Council for more information.